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Mission Statement

To provide access to healthcare services for the uninsured residents of Howard County.

Who We Are

Project Access, a service program of the Howard County Medical Society and United Way agency, is a volunteer physician, dental and healthcare provider that delivers comprehensive medical care to qualified, uninsured residents of Howard County, Indiana at little or no cost to the patient.

Diagnostic labs, imaging and other ancillary services are provided to patients with a minimal $25 co-pay.  Our goal is for our patients to achieve optimal health outcomes.  We assist  them in doing this by coordinating free physician appointments and corresponding healthcare services.  We educate and coach each patient based upon their individual need and circumstances.  Without Project Access, many of our patients would have gone untreated, unmedicated or under medicated compounding their medical issues.

Assistance Provided in 2012

  • Project Access has coordinated access to physicians and health services for 862 patients in 2012.
  • This year Project Access partner providers donated more than $2,812,673 worth of medical services which includes both local hospitals and 163 physicians.
  • Through our Medication Assistance program, we have filled 1290 prescriptions valued at more than $807,261.
  • Diabetes Navigation services were provided to 47 ne patients in addition to serving the ongoing needs of our 320 existing patients.
  • Dentists Delivering Smiles (our newest program) provided dental care to 109 patients valued at $59,384.  
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