Project Access

Information for Care Providers


New Patient Referrals:

The Project Access office will fax a Referral Form with the new patient’s information to the office manager. You may choose to register that patient so that they will be in your system when they call to schedule an appointment.  If you have existing patients that may qualify for Project Access, we encourage you to have them contact our office for an application.

Appointments:  Primary Care

Project Access patients will schedule their own appointments.  Please alert the Project Access office of any missed appointments or if you have any problems or concerns with a patient. They have signed a responsibility agreement and understand your practice is voluntarily donating their time and services.
For specialty refferrals please see below.

Project Access Patient Registration:

Patients will present their Project Access card to the receptionist on each visit.  Register the patient according to your normal office procedures.  Carefully note the expiration date printed on the card.   (Patients may re-apply every 6 months for medical and every year for dental  and will be issued a new card with the appropriate dates.)  Never accept a patient without a card or with an expired card.  Should you need assistance, contact the Project Access office.


Project Access, 825 N. Dixon Rd., Kokomo, 46901 should be the recipient of the HCFA 1500, complete with all charges entered.  You will then need to “write-off” those charges so that Project Access and the patients do not receive a bill. This information is critical to our charity care documentation of this program and verification of broad community support as we apply for grant opportunities. 

Prescription Medications:

Many low-cost generics prescription medications are available at Wal-Mart, Meijer, K-Mart and others.  Project Access keeps a current listing of these medications, for referral to the patient if a generic is appropriate. If not, chronic prescriptions will be obtained, if available, through pharmaceutical patient assistant programs.  Patients are advised about our program, when they initially enroll in Project Access.  If possible, provide samples initially until their first shipment arrives.  (Approximately four weeks). 

Specialty Referrals:

Should a patient need to be referred to a specialist, contact the Project Access office who will determine the next available care provider in that specialty.  Please do not contact a specialist directly as this creates errors in our system. By allowing our office to make these referrals, each care provider is only asked to provide services at the level they have committed to.

Other Services:

Labs, imaging, physical therapy and other diagnostic services may be obtained through St. Joseph Hospital or Howard Regional Health System with a written requisition and their Project Access ID card. Patients will be responsible or a $25 co-payment at time of service.

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